Profile: J .F. Novotny

Eröffnung der Ausstellung 'Camera Selfies' von Jürgen Novotny im Rathaus Hennef
Vernissage of J. F. Novotny’s CameraSelfies exhibition in Hennef (photography: C. Bockermann)

Who is J. „Flynn“ Novotny?

I made my first steps in taking pictures with my first camera (an Agfa Silette I which I still own) at the early age of 6 years, and further photography became an important part in my life. With ‚J. F. Novotny Photography‘ (the former „Light Upon my Face“) I want to share a part of my work, photographs I took on my journeys around the world, mainly Europe, North and South America as well as my concept works CameraSelfies®, ColorLimited, DrowningSky and Symbionts, to name a few.

Today I live in Germany where I – besides my activities as photographer – work as designer and art director in my own agency vivia and film music composer for Intervox music production.

Which equipment has been used?

The equipment (roughly in chronological order) mainly consists of my old Zenit-E, Canon A-1, Contax RTS, Olympus is-100s, Sony R-1, Nikon P-7000, Leica Digilux 2, my beloved Fujifilm X-T1, the great Pentax 645Z, my Pentax K-1, Leica SL-2, now substituted with another Fujifilm, the X-H2, as well as my iPhones. Besides those there were/are a few other cameras in action, like my medium formats Bronica ETRS and Pentax 645N (and diverse rangefinder cameras).

CameraSelfies in a Pentax/Ricoh campaign for the Pentax 645ZAny references or customers?

Yes, as there are curated presentations at Werkladen, Conzen, Saatchi Art, artsy, aristoprint and iCanvas. Photographies and diverse photo series have been featured on CNN.com, french LUI magazine, german STERN.de, AESTHETICA mag, fotoMAGAZIN, ProfiFoto, La Reppublica Italy, Playboy, Withers worldwide, to name a few. Please find a curated set of artworks in Behance, too.

May I/we use photographs for our own projects?

All images presented here are meant as insight into my photographic works. As the visitor might see some of the presented photos are scanned from original film negatives (which are my property, of course :). All images are copyright by Jürgen Novotny Photography; unauthorized copying or using this photographs for any non-private reason is prohibited. To receive high resolution images together with a usage license or to get photo prints from the originals please send me an eMail to jfn@jfnovotny.com or use my contact page. Thank you!

Can I buy photos as prints?

Please find limited editions as well as prints here:

J. F. Novotny on BehanceWhere can I find more information about J. F. Novotny?

Find photographs and contact data on other websites including:

Jürgen Novotny @ lensculture (www.lensculture.com/jurgen-novotny)
SaatchiArt (here and there)
Facebook (www.facebook.com/jfnovotny)
Behance (www.behance.net/jfnovotny)
Twitter (www.twitter.com/juergennovotny)
Instagram (here and here)
LinkedIN (www.linkedin.com/in/j-f-novotny-81b4b9212)
500px (500px.com/juergennovotny)
STRKNG (jfnovotny.strkng.com/de/)
Model Management (modelmanagement.com/member/jurgen-novotny/)

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