Relicts (AI)

Offsets for a fictional graphic novel.

A fictional representation of a possible, admittedly dark, horrifying and monstrous future... ...a parallel world - not too far from ours.

“In biogeography and paleontology, a relict is a population or taxon of organisms that was more widespread or more diverse in the past. A relictual population is a population currently inhabiting a restricted area whose range was far wider during a previous geologic epoch.” (Wikipedia)

What would a parallel world look like if humans were already extinct due to climate change, geopolitical conflicts, social inequity and environmental degradation, failing international collaboration?

Relicts - AI project by J. F. Novotny photographer + visual artist

In our hypothetical scenario this could lead to a vastly different world, which would be marked by significant changes. Initially still vandalized and wrecked by human civilization nature could reclaim urban areas, biodiversity may flourish or could move in a completely different direction, while isolated human artifacts might remain, serving as curious remnants of a bygone era. Archaeological records of human history could be later pieced together by any intelligent species that evolve in the future.

Images generated by a diverse combination of different AI tools, as Midjourney, Dall-e, Photoshop generative fill, Luminar AI.

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