Promoting a business or selling a product

"Photography is a calling that requires vigilance and alertness for that moment in time that only occurs once." (Caroline Mueller)

During the last decades – and besides my personal projects – I had the chance to conceptualize and create a variety of commercial photography series, whether for my own vivia® clients or commission works.

What makes a commercial shoot? Rather than simply capture images is something different than a professional and well guided setting, lighting and the ability to actually create images. Receive advise, help and guidance through this process to get the images you have in mind. Business, Corporate, Events, Work, Product, Lifestyle, Beauty, Portrait, Concept Photography: you’re invited to browse through a few work samples.



Recent Projects

Hate Or…
AI Color Conceptual
Relicts (AI)
AI Black & White Conceptual Places
Wesenheit (AI)
AI Color Conceptual People