Art project against hate

Posted by Jürgen Novotny in Allgemein on Februar 1, 2024

With my art project „Hate or… there is always an alternative“ I am launching a campaign against hate speech and digital violence online.

The increasing hate in social networks can lead to fear, insecurity, emotional stress and alienation from society. I think it’s important to be aware of how your own online activities affect your emotional well-being and, if necessary, to develop strategies to protect yourself – such as withdrawing from stressful discussions or the targeted promotion of positive content.

I see the latter as the goal of my „Hate or“ art project: not to ignore hate where it occurs, but to actively counter it with positive and consistent messages. Hate or… why not do someting else? Quite idealistic, but it’s always worth a try. Isn’t it?

Hate or... Art project against hate speech by J. F. Novotny

Hate or… stick it!

All „Hate or“ works are Creative Commons; they are available for free download on the website to be shared on social media channels… including their hashtags! And there are fine art prints, NFTs, stickers and T-shirts available… just take a look:

Portfolio: /portfolio/hate-or
Web: hate-or.com
Instagram: /hate_or_project
Behance: Hate-or
Saatchi Art: Hate-or Collection
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