“Turning selfie culture on its head”

Posted by Jürgen Novotny in Allgemein on Juni 4, 2019

Thanks to the team @ FLAVORWIRE for their nice #CameraSelfies feature:

There’s a lot to focus on in your standard mirror selfie: an outfit, an expression, a cryptic smile, maybe more. But what about the camera? It’s rarely acknowledged; often, its as obscured as possible. But in J. F. Novotny’s ongoing photo series “CameraSelfies,” the camera is the focus – literally and figuratively.

CameraSelfies feature @ FLAVORWIRE

These eye-catching images aren’t just camera porn, though. In each, Novotny ingeniously matches the camera with surrounding decor that matches its look, style, and era of origin. The results are a satisfying combination of photography and graphic design…” more on FLAVORWIRE