CameraSelfies featured in Hongkong by HK01

Posted by Jürgen Novotny in Allgemein on Juni 30, 2019

I hope they will not become abandoned toys like in Toy Story„…
I’m especially proud to know my CameraSelfies® presented and featured by Hongkong online news portal HK01:

攝影師J. F. Novotny(又名為J. Flynn Newton)一向對那些唯美復古、奇型怪狀的菲林相機情有獨鐘,也認為每台菲林機均具有歷史價值,是不同年代的最好見證物,不過基於時代的演進,菲林機的功能未能滿足現今人們「即影即share」的需求。我們漸漸捨棄菲林機,各人也以智能手機或數碼相機作為拍攝方式,此舉令Novotny有感惋惜並概嘆道:「菲林機令我想起電影《Toy Story》(反斗奇兵)那些被人類遺棄的玩具,它們的命運猶如玩具般,同樣敵不過時間的洗禮,我開始有點生氣,繼而設法留住這些相機的靈魂。」

„Photographer JF Novotny (also known as J. Flynn Newton) has always had a special liking for those beautiful and strange-looking film cameras. He also believes that each film machine has historical value and is the best witness of different ages. However, based on the evolution of the times, the function of the film machine failed to meet the needs of today’s „shadow-share“. We gradually abandoned the film machine, and everyone used a smartphone or a digital camera as a way of shooting. This made Novotny feel sorry and sighed: „The film machine reminds me of the movie „Toy Story“. Abandoned toys, their destiny is like a toy, the same as the baptism of time, I began to get a little angry, and then managed to retain the soul of these cameras.“

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CameraSelfies by Jürgen Novotny featured on Hongkong news portal HK01