Posted by Jürgen Novotny in Allgemein on Dezember 20, 2020

While browsing thru old photographic family memories I couldn’t hesitate to create the new “VintagePop” series as ironical popart-esque, surreal digital collages: VintagePop

This year, many things have changed (also in the private sphere)… one consequence was that I discovered a great treasure of old, forgotten family photographs, which on the one hand brought a whole bunch of memories, but on the other hand also had to be processed somehow. I did this by trying to immortalize some of them in a rather surreal way…. my way of processing the events of this year. Sometimes a certain portion of humor just belongs to it.

"VintagePop" by J. F. Novotny Photographer + Visual Artist

“VintagePop” by J. F. Novotny Photographer + Visual Artist