PHOTAR.ru: Кошмары о затопленных городах

Posted by Jürgen Novotny in Allgemein on September 15, 2019

„Nightmares of flooded cities“… this is the headline of PHOTAR.ru’s latest feature of my DrowningSky works.

PHOTAR.ru is the Russian platform dedicated to news from the world of photography, reviews of the latest novelties equipment and cognitive photographic lessons.

„Photographer Jürgen Novotny has experienced frightening visions of tsunamis and the huge waves that are destroying his dreams, whether it be landscapes, cities or originally „normal“ sleep scenes. From this, he wakes up constantly in a cold sweat.“ Read on in PHOTAR.ru 09/2019…

Project DrowningSky by photographer Jürgen Novotny featured on PHOTAR.ru