First NFT project launched

Posted by Jürgen Novotny in Allgemein on Mai 18, 2021

Symbionts by JFN on OpenSea nowAs a transformation of my ongoing „Symbionts“ project I just minted my first NFT, not only to join the bandwagon but mainly to learn about this visionary concept to digitally tokenize and offer art:

Symbionts on OpenSea.io

It’s a different format of art since – with such a „Non-fungible Token“ – you own a digital manifestation of art which is provable, traceable and… unique.

So, what are NFT’s now?
NFT’s, explained on The Verge (I like this one)

About „Symbionts“: Call them „surreal pop art“… „Symbionts“ have been created as an ironic-surreal combination of the preoccupation with portraits of human models and the sometimes very human faces of historical cameras [more]

And now? More to come: After successfully transforming my existing project „Symbionts“ – and learning how to deal with those digital art manifestations – I’m now working on a NFT-only project. Stay tuned 🙂