2nd feature on Bored Panda

Posted by Jürgen Novotny in Allgemein on Juli 30, 2019

„It’s been a while since some of my CameraSelfies® showed up on Bored Panda… what happened since then?“

This is the question with which the 2nd CameraSelfies® feature on Bored Panda begins… Thanks again! 🙂

„I still believe that each analog camera has its own personality since the engineers that made them put so much heart and soul into their design, and I try to capture this in my photographies. I truly believe that a part of our soul remains in the things we’ve created, at the same time I hope some of my works make these „soul pieces“ successfully visible.“

CameraSelfies® feature on Bored Panda July/August 2019

Second feature by Bored Panda of my vintage Camera Selfies